Saturday, 17 November 2012

will you hear ?


♥ I draw out your face , will I see you in my dreams when I'm asleep ?
it's because saw you was like a miracle to me ,
if I hope and hope and hope will you know how I feel someday ?
this is only for you to hear it's me who is only looking at you by your side ,,

#tothebeautifulyou ~ ^_^ ~

♥ There are so many things I couldn't say , you have never heard them before but , I am standing here as I only see you , just like a child who is always this way , will you warmly hold me right now ? thought someday your name might become strange , my heart will remember all the memories , even if a painful separation comes between us , lets not think about that today . I am standing here as I only see you . closer , warmer , will you standing by my side ?

                                                         WHEN I MISS YOU
I happened to hear about ( how you were doing ) ,
I think you are doing well ,
I believe its better better this this way ,
you look happier ,
and I thought it was still going to be harder for you ,
with a little bitterness in heart ( sadness in heart ) ,
after I roam around all our past memories ,
I drown my self in the depth of the night ,
strangely, I start to become sadder ,
when I miss you (so good bye ) ,
when I yearn for you more ,
lying down without a thought ,
I can't fall asleep ,
even when I think about you more ,
I'm okey ,
as long as you are happy ,
when I was with you ,
before let you go ,
I don't have any regret because I believe that I was the only for you ,
I guess that wasn't it ....
~ ^_^ ~

thanks a lot for hear me ~ saranghaeo chuaeo chamerapsd !!

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